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TPCUG FORUM at Yahoo! Groups

TPCUG  has a private and unlisted forum for club members and friends hosted by Yahoo! Groups.   Forums typically allow communications of topics of interest between groups with a common interest. This forum indeed provides this feature but that is not the primary focus.

The real power of of the TPCUG Forum is the many other features beyond Question and Answer posts. Probably the most valuable area is having access to copies of Past Programs, Newsletters, APCUG Reports, Bylaws, and selected photos. You can download recent meeting presentations to review what you may have missed at a meeting.  You can review TPCUG Newsletters from previous years.

In addition to viewing and downloading files, members can upload anything they feel would be worthwhile to all members. Since this is a free account, the online storage space is limited to 100 Mb so the webmaster must prune older files to remain within the storage limit.   This is your forum, poke around with the many features, create or take a poll, use the calendar, check out or add useful links.

Signing up for a free Yahoo account is easy and non intrusive. All you need to do is to sign up, and then you can start poking around to see all the information available: files, polls, and photos.  

Go to and click on the "Join This Group! link. If you have a Yahoo ID and Password, enter them.  If you have not  signed up yet, click on the  "Sign Up" link and then follow the directions.

Your Sign Up Request will be automatically forwarded to the Moderator of the TPCUG Forum. In a couple of days you will notified of the approval of your application to join.  Once you have joined, you can log on at any time with your Yahoo ID and Password.

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